Friday, September 6, 2019

September 5, 2019 Part 1- 4-Tiered Mound

Since I did not connect with Peter Shell last weekend we decided to go try again this past Thursday. Peter was the fellow that helped me catalogue the stone mounds at the Ledges and took all those wonderful pictures Another Pixie or Faery in Peter Shell's Pictures from the Ledges Area?

Let me begin by saying that the tree that had been blocking the herd path to climb South Hill has been removed South Hill--Tree Blocking access to Trailhead for the herd path to climb South Hill.

We visited the Four Tiered Mound and meditated there. Here are some pics:

The stone mound continues to deteriorate as the above picture indicates. The tiers are less visible. 

To see comparisons: Go to LABELS below and select "4-Tiered mound."

In the upper right you can see a distinct level/tier/terrace.

We meditated on Energy Vortices, what I call Natural Vortices, at the periphery of the 4 Tiered Mound.

Peter is meditating at the top edge of the mound.

I meditated on the bottom tier that still had some form left to it. See my cushion in the picture above.

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