Friday, July 3, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Below are some pictures of a survey we did Memorial Day weekend in the Brink Hill area.
Manitou Stone

Large Manitou Stone, One of two converging on a tree.

The other Manitou Stone had fallen over.

Another view of the two Manitou Stones Converging on a tree.

Delapitaded stone mound, but you can still see parts of stones that were stacked.

Jaeda Bear is lying in the depressed area of a dimpled stone mound.

Friday, September 27, 2019

September 25, 2019--Part 1

I had a chance to get back to High Tor for some exploring and meditating on sacred rock piles.

I visited the lookout on the herd path to climb South Hill.

As noted in a post years ago The Ledges, Marked Energy Lines, Fare ye well--May 11, 2017 Visit this area has always been dear to me:

Ever since I began coming here a decade ago the tree served as a marker: a location with a beautiful view and a reminder that most of the climbing was behind you.
Below is a picture I took in the winter of 2008. Pepper is sitting on the tree with his winter coat on. An orb next to him.

I remember stopping here one Labor Day weekend to take in the view. As I looked out I saw what I thought were three very large orbs on the other side of the gully. Upon closer inspection I realized that they were swarms monarch butterflies--apparently beginning their migration to Mexico.
The sad thing is that since that picture was taken wind turbines have been placed on a hill in the distance.

Exploring the Keeper's Area
I spent the bulk of my time exploring the Keeper's Area. Below are some pictures of the stone structures that I found.

 The picture above is of a stone mound with two dimpled, or depressed areas. As you can see it is not in good shape.

The picture above shows a manitou stone that was part of the pile. It is the upright triangular moss shaped stone.

I also found a large pile of rubble that covered a couple of Earth Chakras pictured below

Continue September 25, 2019--Part 2

September 25, 2019--Part 2

The most interesting collection of stone structures I found were on a steep embankment next to a ravine. It looked like a stone wall in many ways which caused me to initially dismiss it as such. However, I could feel the charged atmosphere of the Earth Prana (Life Force, Orgone, chi...) in my anja chakra in the center of my forehead.. So there was something to this collection.

It was also the many manitou stones in the area as the one pictured below that told me it was a sacred area of stone. Notice the stone placed vertically in the ground below.

Below is another view of the Manitou Stone now looking uphill. Notice the tiered mound in the background. It is reminiscent of the 4-tiered mound. The area was rather steep and treacherous located next to a ravine.

Below is a closeup of the tiered stone mound.

The large flat stone on top of the tiered mound was too much to pass up so I meditated on it. See 

A view downhill (below) gives a glimpse of how steep the area was. Notice another Manitou Stone (upright stone) on the right side of another stone pile in the lower center of the picture. You can see a ravine dug out by water on the right side. There was another one on the left hand side.

There there pile above (see below).

You could certainly argue that all I found was a stone wall. But there were so many Manitou Stones in the area as the one pictured below  that you have to think the stone structures were sacred.

It was another wonderful day at this divine place.

Thanks, God.

Friday, September 6, 2019

September 5, 2019 Part 1- 4-Tiered Mound

Since I did not connect with Peter Shell last weekend we decided to go try again this past Thursday. Peter was the fellow that helped me catalogue the stone mounds at the Ledges and took all those wonderful pictures Another Pixie or Faery in Peter Shell's Pictures from the Ledges Area?

Let me begin by saying that the tree that had been blocking the herd path to climb South Hill has been removed South Hill--Tree Blocking access to Trailhead for the herd path to climb South Hill.

We visited the Four Tiered Mound and meditated there. Here are some pics:

The stone mound continues to deteriorate as the above picture indicates. The tiers are less visible. 

To see comparisons: Go to LABELS below and select "4-Tiered mound."

In the upper right you can see a distinct level/tier/terrace.

We meditated on Energy Vortices, what I call Natural Vortices, at the periphery of the 4 Tiered Mound.

Peter is meditating at the top edge of the mound.

I meditated on the bottom tier that still had some form left to it. See my cushion in the picture above.

September 5, 2019 Part 2- The Keepers Area

Later in the afternoon I went to the Keepers Area by myself. I had not been there in some time.

Sadly, one of the first things I found was that a large tree had fallen on the large stone mound covering several Earth Chakras (7 if I remember correctly).

The rest of the stone mound seemed to have held up well.

Notice the round stone in the picture. It seems out of place. When we were at the 4-Tiered Mound Peter, who has a photographer's eye, commented that a similarly round stone seemed to have been placed there. Now I come to the Keepers and find a round stone in what appears to be out of  place stacked on other stones. See below.

Odd that the 4-Tiered Mound would have such a stone, as it is next to impossible to find and I told only one other person of its location. Then again it could just be coincidence.

Below is a picture of a trio of stones etching out Ley Lines. This is a common feature that I have found in the northeast.

Four years ago  on my other blog I posted a picture and etched out the Ley Lines in my post,Triangle of Stones & Mounds at South Hill (Hi Tor DEC Forest) in the Keepers Area

That is what is so fun about the Keepers Area; the builders of the stone structures worked with a variety of Mother Earth's features and formations.

Below is a picture of a stone mound covering the intersection of several Ley Lines.

In the picture below my backpack sits in a depressed area marking the center of the intersection of the Ley Lines, or what I call Spirit Lines, or Lines of Consciousness.

Closeup below.
In the picture above notice the manitou stone to the right of my back pack. The stone is upright and leaning to the right, obviously it has begun to slip over the millennia. It just shows the remarkable workmanship and the detail the builders of these stone mounds went to AMAZING. 

To the builders of the stone structures:



Sunday, September 1, 2019

Labor Day--Brink Hill

I went to Brink Hill the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend and hiked the Finger Lakes Trail and checked up on some sated areas.

I did not find any stone mounds but did find lots of Manitou Stones along the trail. Here are a few pictures.

I even found manitous on the trail as noted by the pictures below that include my dowsing rods. Unfortunately, I left my good rods at home and had to rely on my original narly old pair that I keep in my car.

I stopped and visited the two area with Fields of Consciousness along the FLT (pages 320-321  Sacred Sites in North Star Country: Places in Greater New York State (PA,OH,NJ,CT,MA,VT,ONT) That Changed the World))
Unfortunately, the vibe for the place on page 320 has diminished.)

I ran into a fellow named Gary who told me that there were lots of stone mounds on the high point of Brink Hill. When I went there I found none. 

I did find lots of large boulders marking energy formations and manitous.

Even though I did not find any stone mounds it was an enjoyable and informative day. It also maintained the tradition of visiting High Tor on Labor Day Weekend.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Parish Hill

My survey last week I went to High Tor and did not find much. Below is one of the more interesting stone mounds covering one Earth Chakra. Sadly it was not in good condition.

Jaeda Baer lying down in what remains of the dimpled center

The stone mound had a long stone tail
The rectangular stone mound attached to the circl, what I call a tail.

I did find my first feather in a long while.