Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Labor Day 2016--The Settlement, 19th century remodeling of BC structures

This past Labor Day weekend  I decided to climb South Hill and try and find the three tiered mound on the side of the hill I found there years ago. Unfortunately, we were not able to find it. But we did some very interesting in an area now dubbed the Settlement.

It was named the Settlement because it looks like people lived there, or had built some buildings there at one time. Yet the vibe and placement of certain stones indicate that it was most likely an ancient Native American (Adena) sacred site long ago before becoming a settlement.

 The picture above clearly looks like a foundation.

The picture above is a long retaining retaining wall on the side of the hill.

The retaining wall has several metal objects connected or embedded in it, indicating it is at most 100-200 years old.

The picture below shows that there is another life, or previous life (?) to the retaining wall. The red and white poll shows the wall to be a little over 5 feet tall. The backpack marks the location of an energy vortex, or what I call a natural vortex. Because it forms in response to prayer/meditation/ceremony it is an indication that spiritual activities took place in the area.

The retaining wall above is also situated on a series of 3 Earth Chakras. It could be coincidental, but given the natural vortex it is highly unlikely. The air is very charged.

Further boosting the notion that the Settlement was once a sacred area is a smaller retaining wall in front of the larger wall below it. It also covers Earth Chakras.

Clearly the Settlement was once a native American sacred site. It was odd and interesting to find that a large retaining wall would be built where once previously was.