Monday, July 4, 2016

Intricate Stone Mound---Brink Hill July 3, 2016

I spent Sunday of July 4th weekend, 2016 surveying for and praying at sacred stone mounds at Bristol/Brink Hill at Hi Tor. Found several store mounds, the most interesting was a large mound that is the most intricate stone structure I have found there. The pictures do not do justice to the mounds.

The picture below is of stone mound marking the intersection of 5 Spirit Lines (Ley Lines.) As the picture shows it is covered with fauna. It is not in great shape but you can make out the shape of a circle 16-18 feet in diameter about 2 feet high.

Below are pictures of the intricate stone mound. The mound is a 20 feet long and oblong in shape with a sunken center; it is about 2-3 feet high. What makes this stone mound, or mound area so interesting is that there are three stone lines--or large stones 1-2 feet in diameter in the shape of a straight line next to it. There are also two earthen mounds, of smaller size, about 3-4 feet high within 20 feet of the stone mound.

All of the stone structures covered features of Mother Earth's Energy Plane; energy lines, earth chakras, etc.  The ether was thick with energy around the stone mound area. My ajna chakra was electrified giving me a slight headache. It was all a little bit too much for me.

The picture below provides a glimpse of the size of the mound

Below is a picture of one of the three lines of stones next to the stone mound. The stones are heading to the tree. 

Another view of the stone line in relation to the stone mound.

One of the other line of stones. There cut horizontally a little below the center of the picture.

A line of stones with smaller earthen mound in the upper left.



Below my backpack is in the sunken, or dimpled center of the stone mound. 

The larger earthen mound below.

The picture below is of the smaller earthen mound (backpack on it and Pepper in front) relative to the larger stone mound.

We found this mound later in the day. Before that the survey had been not too fruitful. 

It turned out to be a fun day. I was charged for the drive home.