Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 6 Conclusion-- A Bevy of Stone Mounds

Wow what a day. It was getting late in the day and I turned my focus to finding the Intricate Stone Mound we found July 4th weekend and other nearby stone mounds. I also needed to spend some time meditating and spiritually cleaning up this sacred place.
 Stone Mound. Notice how the stones to the left of the cushion appear to make a seat of sorts.

Same Stone Mound viewed from a distance.

The Intricate Stone Mound I was looking for.

Pepper in the dimpled center of the Intricate Stone Mound.

A better view of Pepper in the dimpled center of the Intricate Stone Mound. The rod gives perspective to the depth, or what remains of the depth of the dimpled center.

Another Stone Mound.

Still another Stone Mound.

A wonderful day. And in true fashion I made a made attempt to hike a loop on the trail to get back to my car. Thankfully I cut my losses and backtracked and walked along Brink Hill Road to get to my car.

What  blessing to be shown such ancient architecture and attempts to work with Mother Earth. 


Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 5--Mantiou Stone with Stone Spokes

As I progressed in, the Land of Plenty for marked Spirit Lines, my interest in them began to diminish because they were all over the places. Then I found an interesting Manitou, or upright stone.

What was unusual about this upright stone was that it not only marked the Intersection of several Spirit Lines (Ley lines) but that the Spirit Lines coming into the Manitou Stone where marked with stones; creating a circle of stones, or spokes around the centerpiece Manitou Stone.

The Pictures below show this formation from a variety of viewpoints.

Looking toward the Upright Stone. Notice moss covered stone and rod marking the Spirit Line.

Looking away from the Manitou Stone. Nice Green orbs. Many of my pictures of this charged area had orbs in them.

The Spokes. Notice the stone to the left of Pepper (white dog) marking a Spirit Line. The stone Jaeda is sitting on marks another Spoke, or Spirit Line. The rod is on another Spoke, and there is a stone in front of it on the upper center. My backpacks on another Spoke, I don't remember if it is on a stone.

Sad to see a sacred place desecrated with the intention of violence (hunting. stalking, killing) and debris (shotgun shell.) Remember Native Americans would pray and give thanks after taking an animal to balance the act of violence.  I picked up the shell and said a little prayer to counteract the negativity.

Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 4--Aligned Boulders that are Hubs

The picture below shows two large stones, boulders, marking the same Spirit Line (Ley Line.)

What is interesting about these two boulders is that they also act as a hub, or the intersection of, several Spirit Lines. The closest rock marks the intersection of 4 Spirit Lines; the one in the distance marks the intersection of 3 Spirit Lines.

As a Geomancer I wonder how they were so accurately able to find these power points? Did they have dowsing tools?  Could they feel them?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 3--The Combination, Stone Mound and Marked Spirit Lines (Ley Lines)

As I progressed I continued to find more Spirit Lines marked by stones.

What I found next was incredibly informative--a stone mound covering Earth Chakras with a series of Ley Lines marked by stones next to it.

Why was this informative?

It told me--- that it was highly likely that the same people that marked the Spirit Lines with stones also covered the Earth Chakras with stone mounds. I do not think this is a stretch, especially once you see how close the marked Spirit Lines are to the stone mound. or was it coincidence?

Jaeda (black dog) is on the stone mound. Pepper (white dog) is on one Spirit Line marked by large stone on the left and my back pack on another stone.

The rod shows the mound to be almost 3 feet high.

 Two Spirit Lines marked by stone--in the picture the measuring rod and branch outline the direction of the Spirit Lines. The stone mound is on the upper left.

 Measuring Rod marks the series of 3 Earth Chakras on the same energy line. Notice that the rod is in the exact middle of the mound.

Although the picture does not adequately show it, there is a overflow (seasonal stream after rain)  that skirts the mound and has created a ditch on the back side. Notice how the rod is sunken and the cushion is as well.

We must go back at some point and re-direct the water to preserve the mound otherwise over time the water will cause the mound to begin to deteriorate.

Again the ditch that threatens the mound.

The mound is on a slight incline, notice how much higher the other side is.

REPAIR required to redirect water.

Very interesting how marked Ley Lines and stone mounds are together.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 2--Lines with Sacred Circle

One of the more interesting designs was stones  marking of multiple Ley Lines and a sacred circle, with a vortex. The circle was connected to one Ley Line.

In the picture above the stone on the bottom right is on a Ley Line marked by the red and white marking rod. The Ley Line runs into the sacred circle marked by the orange backpack in the distance.

Both Pepper (white dog) and Jaeda (Black dog) are on stones marking Ley Lines that cross (break off like a V) from the main Ley Line marked by the rod going toward the sacred circle.

The dogs are in the sacred circle. It is chakra, or vortex, of any energy I am not familiar with. The circle is incomplete; you can see a few of the stones, others are covered with leaves.

Looking away from the sacred stone circle.

The Dogs remain in the sacred stone circle in the picture above. Notice the red and white marking rod resting on a large stone. It marks another Ley Line crossing and breaking away from the main Ley Line going towards the sacred circle.

Notice also the orange backpack to the right of the large stone. The large stone marks another Ley Line that crosses and breaks away from the main Ley Line.

In other words a Ley line runs from the stone underneath the orange seat cushion and the orange backpack.

More Ley Lines marked by stones and Orbs.

 In the picture above several stones mark a series of Ley Lines. Notice the many orbs in the top center and left of the picture.

The stone in the center bottom marks the intersection of 3 Ley lines. Beginning from the left. 

One Ley Line is marked by the branch between the orange seat cushion next to a smaller Upright stone. The branch between the two marks it.

The stone next to Pepper (white dog) is on another Ley Line. The branches on either side of the center stone marks it.

Jade (Black dog) is on another stone on a Ley Line connected on the main Ley Line.

Notice the backpack next to a large stone in the background. It is on the Ley Line.

  Another view of the network of Ley Lines marked by stones. The branches better show the 2 Ley Lines connected to the main Ley Line.

 Another set of Ley Lines with stones marking them, highlighted by branches.

Another view notice the orb on the upper left.

Brink Hill Election Day 2016 Survey Part 1

I decided to take advantage of  the warm weather on election day and survey the Brink Hill area. Specifically I wanted to find the three-tiered mound Stone Pile Whisperer had shown me five years earlier. Also I to see if there were otherr stone mounds  in addition to the ones we discovered there this summer. 

I found a few other larger stones mounds. But I found something else, something I had not been looking for; stones marking Ley Lines, or what I call Spirit Lines. Dozens, if not hundreds of  them, or more. WOW. I felt as though I was being directed to them. After all, my intention was too looking for stone mounds covering energy formations.

I found so many Spirit Lines marked with stones that I gave up photographing and cataloging them. I will begin posting pictures of a few of them in separate posts.
 In the picture above both of the large stones are aligned on a Ley Line. The red white rod is in 1' increments to show the size of the larger stones.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Labor Day 2016--The Settlement, 19th century remodeling of BC structures

This past Labor Day weekend  I decided to climb South Hill and try and find the three tiered mound on the side of the hill I found there years ago. Unfortunately, we were not able to find it. But we did some very interesting in an area now dubbed the Settlement.

It was named the Settlement because it looks like people lived there, or had built some buildings there at one time. Yet the vibe and placement of certain stones indicate that it was most likely an ancient Native American (Adena) sacred site long ago before becoming a settlement.

 The picture above clearly looks like a foundation.

The picture above is a long retaining retaining wall on the side of the hill.

The retaining wall has several metal objects connected or embedded in it, indicating it is at most 100-200 years old.

The picture below shows that there is another life, or previous life (?) to the retaining wall. The red and white poll shows the wall to be a little over 5 feet tall. The backpack marks the location of an energy vortex, or what I call a natural vortex. Because it forms in response to prayer/meditation/ceremony it is an indication that spiritual activities took place in the area.

The retaining wall above is also situated on a series of 3 Earth Chakras. It could be coincidental, but given the natural vortex it is highly unlikely. The air is very charged.

Further boosting the notion that the Settlement was once a sacred area is a smaller retaining wall in front of the larger wall below it. It also covers Earth Chakras.

Clearly the Settlement was once a native American sacred site. It was odd and interesting to find that a large retaining wall would be built where once previously was.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Intricate Stone Mound---Brink Hill July 3, 2016

I spent Sunday of July 4th weekend, 2016 surveying for and praying at sacred stone mounds at Bristol/Brink Hill at Hi Tor. Found several store mounds, the most interesting was a large mound that is the most intricate stone structure I have found there. The pictures do not do justice to the mounds.

The picture below is of stone mound marking the intersection of 5 Spirit Lines (Ley Lines.) As the picture shows it is covered with fauna. It is not in great shape but you can make out the shape of a circle 16-18 feet in diameter about 2 feet high.

Below are pictures of the intricate stone mound. The mound is a 20 feet long and oblong in shape with a sunken center; it is about 2-3 feet high. What makes this stone mound, or mound area so interesting is that there are three stone lines--or large stones 1-2 feet in diameter in the shape of a straight line next to it. There are also two earthen mounds, of smaller size, about 3-4 feet high within 20 feet of the stone mound.

All of the stone structures covered features of Mother Earth's Energy Plane; energy lines, earth chakras, etc.  The ether was thick with energy around the stone mound area. My ajna chakra was electrified giving me a slight headache. It was all a little bit too much for me.

The picture below provides a glimpse of the size of the mound

Below is a picture of one of the three lines of stones next to the stone mound. The stones are heading to the tree. 

Another view of the stone line in relation to the stone mound.

One of the other line of stones. There cut horizontally a little below the center of the picture.

A line of stones with smaller earthen mound in the upper left.



Below my backpack is in the sunken, or dimpled center of the stone mound. 

The larger earthen mound below.

The picture below is of the smaller earthen mound (backpack on it and Pepper in front) relative to the larger stone mound.

We found this mound later in the day. Before that the survey had been not too fruitful. 

It turned out to be a fun day. I was charged for the drive home.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brink Hill, Memorial Day 2016, Part 3

We finished the day on the Finger Lakes Trail beginning from Brink Hill. It was not long before we sensed energy in the air and started looking for stone mounds.

Interestingly, I had a very unusual experience there. For a few seconds I blacked out. I did not fall down. It just seemed like someone turned the screen off I was watching--everything went black, and then I rebooted. It lasted only a few seconds. I was unaware during that time. Was it an out of body experience? Had my consciousness ascended to a higher plan? A pseudo near death experience? Or?

The only comparable experience I can think of is when I was  at the pyramids at Giza, in Egypt, 35 years ago. While I was riding around the pyramids on a horse I blacked out. The next thing I remember was finding myself about 150-200 yards from where I last remembered being. Again, my body functioned in the physical plane, but my mind was blacked out. I was not aware of anything during the time I was blacked out.

The stone mound was about 15 feet long and had a rectangular oblong shape. It covered a single series of 4 Earth Chakras.

Another wonderful day at HI Tor, always exciting, always enlightening. You never know what you will find, or what sort of spiritual experience you will have, as I have posted on this blog many times before. I hope that you visit the sacred mountains in HI Tor NYS DEC lands.

Brink Hill, Memorial Day 2016, Part 2

We found a very interesting stone mound near our destination point, the lean two, on this part of the trip.

The pictures below show a circular oblong shaped mound about 20 feet in length  and 4 to 5 feet high. Two series of 4 Earth Chakras each are located underneath, on either side of the mound.

What was interesting about this mound was that it had a dimpled, or dug out center, about 2 feet deep. The hollowed out center was very well preserved. Incredible.

We said a prayer and had a ceremony and spread some tobacco about.  Unfortunately, much of the mound is covered by poison ivy.

A larger stone towards one end of the sunken center appeared to be some sort of ceremonial seat. This is a guess; I only mention this because it was so much larger in comparison, and because of the way it was situated.

A few feet away from the lean to is a spectacular view of Naples Valley.

We walked back  down and headed towards the Finger Lakes Trail on the other side of Brink hill.