Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sacred Circle

Going away from the base of Clarks Gully, the campfire area, and up the ridge where the herd path is you will find several sacred spots. One was revealed to me while I was there last; I would imagine that there is a lot more there. Expect further updates.

If you walk the 30-50 feet up the ridge (next to the stones) and continue for another 100 feet you will come upon a stand of large trees (mostly maple). It will be a steep climb but the ground above will be totally flat. The trees sit on a stacked (4) field of consciousness ( )and if you look closely the trees appear to be aligned in a circle. Dowsers will tell you that trees often belie what is going on with a space. In the center of the trees is a fairly large ceremonial circle that I have marked out with stones.

Stone Circles

At the base of Clarks Gully just east of the campfire area before the ridge that begins the herd path(trail) up to the top of South Hill you will notice several masses of large stones (1-2 feet in height). These stones are amassed in several circles. Prayer can leave a dowse able energy lines and I was able to dowse out sacred cirlces for several stone piles. These are some additional pictures.

Sacred Long Houses

Located at the base of Clarks Gully you will find the remains of several long houses. You can dowse out the energy lines of two long houses whose dimensions approximately 15’ x 60’ and 20’ x 65’. You can find the remains of another long house just to the east at the top of the ridge, about 50 feet up.

All that is left of the sacred long houses are piles of stones that look like rubble. While it is unusual to find a large stone component to long houses that appears to be the case. They look like an extremely wide stone wall that has fallen down, they are not more than 6-12 inches high but are over 10 feet wide plus. They are in fact the remains of two long houses.

Spirit Keepers Area

Here are some more pictures of the Spirit Keepers area at Clarks Gully. This area can be found at the based of the gully next to the campfire area. Pictured below is a large manito shaped stone strategically placed in a field of consciousness.

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