Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three Tiered Elongated Mound

On July 4, 2010 we went to South Hill (where the Seneca people believe that they were born) for prayer and to survey the area some more. On the Upper Part of the Hill, in the Ledges area on the western side of the gorge we found an elongated Stone mound on one of the lower ledges. Again we believe that the many mounds on South Hill were created by the Adena, meaning that they are probably 2500 to 3500 years old. Read my earlier posts and you will find that my rationale is based upon the work of Dave Robinson and his analysis of NY State Historians Ritchie and Parker.

The Mound Consists of three terraces running approximately east west and about 30-40 feet or more in total length. The eastern most terrace is the lowest one, the middle terrace is a foot or two higher and the final terrace is another two feet higher. The terraces are fairly flat. The formation appears to have been made in order to tap into and work with Mother Earth.

In the next picture I am standing in the middle tier, or terrace. This elongated area appears to be situated on some sort of feature Mother Earth; Possibly an emanator of some sort.

In the next picture my dog Pepper is sitting on the highest and furthest western part of the structure. This final terrace rests on a series of earth chakras. He is in the center which is hollowed out, and in my opinion was created to help with the formation of a natural vortex. The whole is about 2 feet in diameter and about 2 feet deep. Perhaps this where they would sit to pray or do ceremony to tap into the earth prana. (To learn more about Earth Chakras see my youtube video:

The stones are meant to block the flow of prana. Earth prana is impeded by physical objects.
The final picture is another overview.
As I have noted previously most of South Hill, with the exception of those areas farmed have their earth chakras covered with stones. The stones block the flow of earth prana and create a charged Tesla type of feel to the area. It gives you a feeling similar to a hands on healing. To learn more about the flow of prana/Energy read:
Here are two short videos that I hope to incorporate later into a more comprehensive youtube posting on South Hill and its various stone mounds. As I note in the first video the formation of an energy vortex of cosmic prana indicates that the structure was used for spiritual purposes. Such vortices form in response to someone performing spiritual exercises at a particular location. Imagine that the energy vortex still lingers after thousands of years. Wow! To learn more about energy vortices read:
I have the upmost respect for the mound builders because they certainly had an incredible amount of knowledge of Mother Earth's subtle body, which regretably has been lost through ages. Bravo Adena!
madis senner
PS There is still much to be learned at South Hill.