Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Line of Stones at the top of South Hill

On the ledges, or terrace area, on the top of South Hill I found another interesting piece of stone work designed to work with Mother Earth. There is a series of 6 stones aligned in a straight line about 60-80 feet in length. Each stone marked the beginning of an energy line. Each energy line went directly to the right (south) from the picture. No energy line connected the stones.

The pictures below show my dogs on the first three energy lines beginning from the west. The remaining three energy lines are behind the black dog, Lucy.

The stones are all of good size and embedded in the ground. Here is closer up of Pepper and Lucy on two of the stones.

Just to the right of Lucy and Pepper is the remains (not quite there) of a large vortex of energy. One of what I call Cosmic Prana, because it is more consciousness than energy. Vortices of Cosmic Prana form where much prayer/ceremony/ritual/meditation has taken place. The formation of the energy vortex tells me that this was a sacred formation or structure. To read about Energy Vortices go to:

My dowsing rods also indicate that the three stones may have been part of a structure. A structure that goes about 20 feet to the right of the dogs and includes the energy vortex. The remaining 3 stones were also part of the structure in some way.

The question is:
Were the stones placed on the energy lines to create the structure?
Did the energy lines form in response to the stones, structure and prayers and meditations that took place in the structure? In other words were they drawn there by the intentions of what took place within the structure?