Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brink Hill, Memorial Day 2016, Part 2

We found a very interesting stone mound near our destination point, the lean two, on this part of the trip.

The pictures below show a circular oblong shaped mound about 20 feet in length  and 4 to 5 feet high. Two series of 4 Earth Chakras each are located underneath, on either side of the mound.

What was interesting about this mound was that it had a dimpled, or dug out center, about 2 feet deep. The hollowed out center was very well preserved. Incredible.

We said a prayer and had a ceremony and spread some tobacco about.  Unfortunately, much of the mound is covered by poison ivy.

A larger stone towards one end of the sunken center appeared to be some sort of ceremonial seat. This is a guess; I only mention this because it was so much larger in comparison, and because of the way it was situated.

A few feet away from the lean to is a spectacular view of Naples Valley.

We walked back  down and headed towards the Finger Lakes Trail on the other side of Brink hill.

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