Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orbs, Megalights and Covered Earth Chakras

Here are a few pictures of South Hill that my friend Zac Moore and I took on Tuesday (8/24/10.) Not surprisingly we found several smaller mounds and covered earth chakras at the northern eastern end of (South Hill, Hi Tor) far from the top where the gorge is. I imagine that at one time all of the ridge/hills all the way up to Bare Hill(5-10 miles) may have had their Earth Chakras covered with stones. WE found lots of covered earth chakras, mounds on ley lines, a mini-megalith, a cistern....lots of other things just following a herd (deer) path along side of South Hill.
The energy on South Hill was powerful. Having all the Earth Chakras covered with stones makes all the Earth Prana linger in the air charging you up. It feels like getting Reiki or some other hands on healing technique every minute that you are there.WOW!
Check out the Orb above Lorraine's dog Lucy. She is sitting in the hollowed out area of a stone mound that covers several earth chakras. This stone mound is located in the Ledges area just below the ridge at the top of South Hill. Given that there are dozens of stone mounds, vortices of cosmic prana created from all the vision questing and praying that took place it is not surprising to see an orb. It is a powerful place. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Here is my dog Pepper sitting in the middle of the hollowed area of a stone mound. The surrounding stone sits on several earth chakras and is blocking the flow of earth prana ( As I have noted previously I believe that the hollow cneter was created to help form a vortex or for someone to sit in. This stone mound is located in the Ledges area of South Hill just below the ridge walk on top.

Here I am with Pepper squating next to a small megalith. It appears that someone dug a deep hole and planted this large stone upright, similar to what you see in the UK. We could find no divine feature of Mother Earth nearby.

You can see two large stones at Zac's feet that are covering earth chakras.

My dog Pepper is standing above a cistern, or well of sorts. I don't think that this is very old, but who knows.

Here is a picture of Zac next to a smaller stone mound. While the picture does not show it, the stones appear to be forcibly hewn from the ground. This pile was situated on 3 eath chakras and was found at the far northeastern part of the Hi Tor area miles away from the Clarks Gully gorge and the top of South Hill.

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