Wednesday, June 14, 2017

You Tube video posted--Using Imprtins to verify the Sacred area at Mound #12 at the Ledges Area

In our survey of the Ledges Area last week we stopped to film a video about how imprints can be used in surveying a sacred site. We are in the process of cataloguing the stone structures at the Ledges Area of High Tor. 

If you don't know much about imprints, or geographic samskaras, you may wish to view my video:
Thought Forms--Geographic Samskaras 

Stone mound #12 has been well preserved and retains its dimpled center. In this video I explain how imprints can be used to verify our beliefs about its purpose.

It is an incredible demonstration of the workmanship ancient cultures; even though leaves block your view, much can be gleaned. This is part of a series of video's of our survey of the Ledges. Thanks to Peter Shell and Janice Carr for their help. REMEMBER IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE!

Using Imprints to verify the sacred area at Mound #12 in the Ledges Area 

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