Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Ledges, Marked Energy Lines, Fare ye well--May 11, 2017 Visit

I went to the Ledges area of South Hill last. I wanted to survey the area for an article(s) I am working on. I did a head count and found 28 stone mounds in varying conditions from rubble to very good.

I began by meditating in the Welcome Circle area. While the vibe of the Ledges Area remains good to very good and the air is still electrified it is always good to nourish it with prayers and meditations so it remains vibrant. The vibe of the Welcome Area has risen to very positive to extremely positive. There was no vortex ring, a precursor to the formation of a vortex, I expect there will be one there not too long.

I also meditated on the entry way trail. That way anyone entering will come in contact with the intention of reverence and love.

 In the picture above Pepper is in the dimpled center of one of the mounds.

 Here he is again in another mound.

 Not all the mounds are in great shape. Some are rubble as the picture above shows.

What is interesting, something I rarely look for,  is that several of the energy lines coming from the stone mounds are marked with stones. 

The series below is of a large flat stone marking the intersection of two energy lines from two different Earth Chakras in different stone mounds.
 In the center you can see a crossing of two tree limbs. The tree limbs mark out the energy lines. Notice how they are going in the direction of two different stone mounds; one in the upper left and another in the upper right.

 Here is a closeup of the flat stone marking the intersection of two energy lines. It emanates from an Earth Chakra covered by the stone mound in the distance.

Here is another closeup of the stone.

 The above picture is of Pepper standing one stone of a series of stones marking an energy line.

I plan on coming back and looking for energy vortices, water domes and more. There is so much to take in.

I also climbed South Hill and have to saw with sadness a marker, downed tree, I had become fond off had been moved of the trail. You can see the most recent photo I have (2016) on the cover of my book Sacred Sites in North Star Country.

Ever since I began coming here a decade ago the tree served as a marker: a location with a beautiful view and a reminder that most of the climbing was behind you.

Below is a picture I took in the winter of 2010/11. Pepper is sitting on the tree with his winter coat on. An orb next to him.

I remember stopping here one Labor Day weekend to take in the view. As I looked out I saw what I thought were three very large orbs on the other side of the gully. Upon closer inspection I realized that they were swarms monarch butterflies--apparently beginning their migration to Mexico.

The tree had shrunk considerably over the years. In the picture below you can see its trunk in the air at the cliff's edge of the trail.

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